Call for Clips:

Please send us your personal suggestions for this social video jukebox!

22nd January 2016 at Top Cinema: We are planning an audiovisual evening on the power of algorithms. We will do a cinematic remix of excerpts from movies and documentaries that address, in whatever way, automatized rule systems: short video clips portray formulas of the cybernetic self from hard science to the fidgety figments of the imagination.

To: < office (at) >

Clips from movies or documentaries or your favorite SF-  anything from 1-15 minutes.. Please provides us, if possible, with exact time cues and download information as well as a short comment as to its content. All contributors whose suggestions are screened will receive an honorary mention – unless requested otherwise.

World-Information Institute in cooperation with Top Kino Vienna. Supported by SHIFT Vienna and BKA Kunst