Fiction and Agency


Bookpresentation and Talk 28. November 19:00 VideoOnline- (Geman Only)

Fiktion und Wirkungsmacht

Depot- Kunst und Diskussion, Breitegasse 7, A-1070, Wien

With Andrea Roedig, Judith Simon, Konrad Becker and Felix Stalder (Ed.)


Andrea Roedig is publicist and author in Vienna. Judith Simon works on Philosophy of Science and Technology,  Copenhagen/Vienna.

The fourth volume in the series of texts on the Future of Cultural Policy examines the impact of narratives on society today and discusses the political power relationships between fact and fiction.

Narratives and fictions are an integral part of cultural history and people understand the world through descriptions that represent their reality. Portrayals of choices receive preference to concrete options of human action and subsequently narrative fictions condense to political storylines. Justifying the dominance of social groups requires legends plausible enough to strengthen the belief in their reality. Stories support acceptance and legitimization of social and cultural rules.

Actions, mainly based on descriptions where individual behavior is affected by the construction of narratives, are limited by a dramaturgical repertoire. In the post-political era the “grand narratives” seem to have reached its end – but only superficially, because more than ever narratives continue to determine social relations.

Fiktion und Wirkungsmacht, Löcker 2016 ISBN 978-3-85409-663-4

A publication by World-Information Institute with contributions by Konrad Becker, Eva Horn, Fran Ilich, Albrecht Koschorke, Andrea Roedig, Ferdinand Schmatz, Ove Sutter, Peter Lamborn Wilson und Sabine Zelger