Voting Indicator Tool

Vienna Elections 2015

More than 4 million answered questions and 160,000 users are a new record for the most popular Internetpolicy consultancy in Vienna.

Social Gaming for Privacy

Data Dealer goes International

Facebook game about collecting and selling personal data enables you to “Rise from small-time back room dealer to a mighty data mogul”. Finally: Big Data fun and profit for the multitudes! This exceptional online offer was developed with just a smal team by our friends from metaflimmer. A 2012 demo version released in German received great media coverage and big applause from the online community. Now the international version is available on and playable via web browser.

Voting indicator

Promoting an Enlightened Understanding of Politics

Effective participation, equality in voting, exercising final control over the agenda and gaining enlightened understanding are characteristics that a polity must achieve in order to qualify as democratic., Austria’s most successful voting political orientation tool, provides background informations about topical issues.

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