Innovative Models of Production and Access

Starting in June 2012 “Creativity: innovative models of production and access” is an initiative to systematize the investigation on new models of creative production and accesses to cultural material which seek a new balance between economic sustainability of the cultural sector and access to knowledge for society, as a way to stimulate creativity on all scales. We will be looking at both emerging actors as well as established institutions. The main result is a handbook with best practices and recommendations to be distributed among the sector professionals and public opinion.

In this context, we focus on innovative initiatives which create or permit the access to culture in a way fully adopted to the digital environment where access and transformation of existing works and distribution take on new meaning. One of the central concerns is the new possibilities for authors and entrepreneurs in these practices/models.

This project consist of a series of events that are meant to share the insider-knowledge of each co-organizer and analyze the problems of cultural industries, assess case studies, reach conclusions and bring solutions. The project will produce on one side several report with “best practices” and recommendations aimed at innovative cultural producers, major cultural institutions and policy makers and on the other side public event/show-cases to bring easily the information to the general public and to the sector.

WII Project partners “Associacion Cultural Conservas” Barcelona, “National Hellenic Research Foundation – NHRF / EKT” Athens,  “Stichting Nederland Kennisland” Amsterdam