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Conference 25th September 2015     VIDEO ARCHIVE ONLINE Investigating the growing influence of digital control systems and their cascading chains of agency on cultural and social reality.

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springerin COVERUpcoming: Tue, 20. January 2015, 19:00 MAK Kaminzimmer

World-Information Institute / t0 and Springerin invite you to the presentation: Kritische Netzpraxis – Springerin / Band XXI, Issue1, Winter 2015, and to a talk “Critical Netpractice”: Information as Reality? with Marina Gržinić (Ljubljana), Zoran Pantelić (Novi Sad) and Konrad Becker (Vienna) Chair: Christian Höller, editor and co-publisher of Springerin. In cooperation with MAK Vienna

Winter Sounds: Ca.tter (Dubsquare / Sounding Functions, Vienna)

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September 3rd 2014

Critical Art Digital Culture Info Politics World-Information Institute

Cities as Information Systems –  June 11th. Urbanity is increasingly shaped by networks of informational technologies. This will be addressed by several lectures and expert debates. With Adam Greenfield (…

Digital Culture Info Politics

Fr. 22. November 2013 –  19:30,  IG Architektur, Gumpendorferstraße 63b, 1060 Vienna

The Drift Towards Universal Surveillance:

Steve Wright (UK) on the new age of truly global surveillance and tracking with state capability sets that even the Stasi and George Orwell did not imagine. What are the long term, social and political ramifications of such capabilities and how can we successfully resist when they go beyond the limits of the law?

We Should Take Nothing for Granted: 

On the building of alert and knowledgeable citizenry. Dr. Bruno Taut (RU) will explore the depths, perils, challenges and the bliss of the decrypted century.

Screening: Marko Peljhan (SI/US) presents documents from the SPEKTR! Vaults

Digital Culture Info Politics

Presentations with Felix Stalder on “The War of Data against Communication” and Konrad Becker on “Cultural Intelligence: Tactics-Strategy-Operations” at the Embros Theater Athens. The poster shows the historical cover of…

Digital Culture Info Politics

Date: Thursday, 21. Juni 2012, 19.00 –21:00 Place: Depot Breitegasse 3 A- 1070 Wien The copyright-based  models of artistic production are in crisis. Concepts of the culture or the creative…

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