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Friday 10. 11. 2017 Discourse, Performance, Screening S. M. Amadae, Susana Monsó, Stefan Woltran, Napalm Tree, ca.tter & mstep, Boris Kopeinig, Plak, a.o.

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Painted by Numbers installation at ZKM exhibition “Open Codes – Living in Digital Worlds”  in Karlsruhe from 20th October 2017 to August 2018,  set up at “Hypernormal Hybrids” at Werk-X…

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Celebrating 15 years of Austria’s most successfull voting-indicator-tool with a relaunch for the paliamentary elections in October

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Installation und discourse event with Felix Stalder and Konrd Becker on “Theaters of Algorithmic Dominance” and “Algorithms, that we Need”. Muffatwerk Presentations: 5. July 2017 at 20 h  Installation: 05.-08.…

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Relationships between the emerging socio-technical infrastructure and the autonomy of the human subject: Agency, Game Theory & Nudging / Categorization & Golden Cages / Outsourcing Cognition & Freedom / Uncertainty…

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“The problem with societies based on prediction is that there are massive interests in these predictions.”


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Painted by Numbers –  Video Installation  04. – 10. March, GRAZmuseum, Panel with Mireille Hildebrandt, Felix Stalder, Katja Mayer – Moderation: Konrad Becker 03. March, 17:30 – 19:00h, Forum Stadtpark…

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«Il y a parfois une vérité profonde dans les rumeurs» double page interview with Konrad Becker on the occasion of a TRD release in French by Editions Supernova

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