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Nervous Digital Systems 29. May 2019 17: 00h Rote Bar, Volkstheater Vienna

Lecture Perfomance by Michael Taussig and conversation about the new relationship between man and the technical environment. With Katja Mayer, El Iblis Shah and Felix Stalder

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Felix Stalder on the social history and economics of Truth. Live feed at the Cultural Intelligence Collective Talk on “What is to be Done?” on October 23rd at FoD.

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What Is To Be Done? 22. – 23. October 2018 The Future of Demonstration Scherzergasse 1A, 1020 Vienna

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Konrad Becker and Felix Stalder at the DIGITAL CULTURES conference,  Leuphana University Lüneburg, September 19–22 , 2018

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As the Hypernormal Hybrid series continues, this evening aims to explore a peculiar and intriguing topic of our algorithmic world: the Unconscious. While the neoclassical interior of Volkstheater’s Rote Bar…

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Thursday 10. May  19:30h  Rote Bar, Arthur-Schnitzler-Platz 1, A-1070 Lydia H. Liu with Thomas Macho on Freudian Robots Marc Elsberg with Felix Stalder on Fiction and Models (in German) Algolounge:…

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Non-human problem solving or the limits of species superiority. Text for Hypernormal Hybrids November 2017 in collaboration with springerin magazine: springerin 1/2018

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Hypernormal Hybrids collaboration with springerin magazine: four texts by Susana Monsó, Stefan Woltron, Konrad Becker and Felix Stalder and S.M. Amadae’s article on “Neoliberal Capitalism, Neo-Materialism, and Beyond” under the title…

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