Out of the Craddle

„A planet is the cradle of mind, but one cannot live in a cradle forever.“ K.E.Tsiolkovsky

Das Out of the Craddle Symposium am KSEVT in Slowenien reflektiert die Position des Menschen in technologischen, sozialen and natural Prozessen für ein besseres Verständnis der ferneren und näheren Umgebung  – der Weltraum und Planet Erde.

Konrad Becker über: „Strategic Space Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence“

In an age of permanent crisis a military-entertainment economy dominates operative technologies of space-time control and omnidirectional low-intensity conflicts. Space, the strategic frontline of digital control revolutions is the place for contesting this mediated militarization.

Space travel relies on highly automatized information systems. Mapping space-time and information intertwines technologies of representation for complex environments. This transfer of authority to machines enhances dimensional distortions and category errors that influence social action determined by classification schemes.

Space, a multidimensional product of use, experience and understanding, extends to the relational world of dreamtime. Perception and behavior management shapes psycho-social interaction based on the gravitational pull of longing and the repulsion of fear. In a hyperspace control matrix communication becomes a transversal force for the colonization of both outer and inner space. Imagination is not just a subjective process but central to the emergence of the real where fact follows fiction. Autonomous cultural intelligence against planetary peacekeeping containment is a practice that frees technologies of imagination to other possible worlds.