Deep Infopolitics and Cultural Intelligence – Assymetric Information and Classification Conflicts

Lecture by Konrad Becker at DAI – Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem

Time: 8pm/open to the public/entrance free
Location: DAI lecture room, Kortestraat 27, Arnhem

This lecture is curated by Jorinde Seijdel in the context of Reading for Writing or How to do Things with Theory.

From the printing press, photography and phonograph to cinematography and digital media- new culture technologies of information storage and replication have strongly altered how we conceive and structure reality. Information Dominance extends into the psycho-cybernetic coordinates of individual reality.

In digital Big Data landscapes the control of the automatic production of knowledge acquires particular significance. Cultural Intelligence is concerned with mapping the intertwined dynamic of virtual and real, of symbolic and material experienced space, of conceptualized representation and lived spaces of representation. Asymmetric constellations in the reciprocity of knowledge have an important role from personal social interactions to the geopolitics of the world at large. The centralized power of definition in categorization of decentralized relations is the dark matter of societal impact. Not only inscribed in historical upheavals, information regimes materialize in current and future realities.

Konrad Becker is an artist and researcher, theorist and producer, author and performer. Director and co-founder of World-Information.Org, a cultural intelligence agency, he is associated with several renown projects of advanced cultural practice including Public Netbase (1994 to 2006). Initiating many international conferences and exhibitions on media, arts and culture he has published a large number of audiovisual productions, articles and books in several languages.

A pioneering hypermedia wizard, The Wire magazine singled out Konrad Becker’s work among the 100 most important records of the 20th century.

Books (selection):

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