Interview Felix Stalder / Konrad Becker

Public Netbase revisited

Public Netbase From 1993 to 2006, Public Netbase was global node for critical network culture and media arts. But it was far more than that, it was also an intelligence organization in the public interest, a training center for artistist and political activists and grew into vast repository of radical theories and cultural practices.

in Spike Art Magazine #49 Autum 2016


von Felix Stalder

Kultur der Digitalität – book at Shurkamp

kultur_der-digital_coverSuhrkamp just published the new book by Felix Stalder, Word-Information Institute. It brings a lot of issues with which the Institute has engaged repeatedly in recent years, provides a historical context and developed a look at the political dynamics of the present.

Voting Indicator Tool

Vienna Elections 2015

More than 4 million answered questions and 160,000 users are a new record for the most popular Internet-policy consultancy in Vienna.