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Uschi Reiter: With the Snowden affair the Internet as space for surveillance has reached a wider public. This incident and the excitement it caused hasn’t  brought about any major withdrawal…

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NPK Netzpolitischer Konvent der Österreichischen Zivilgesellschaft / Netpolitical Convent of Austrian Civil Society – online (in German)

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Short documentary of Shared Digital Futures “Shared Digital Futures” was a conference to explore the impact of digital network technologies for cultural production in Vienna, June 2013.

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Facebook game about collecting and selling personal data enables you to “Rise from small-time back room dealer to a mighty data mogul”. Finally: Big Data fun and profit for the…

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Date: June 14/15, 2013

Location: Vienna, Kunsthalle Wien / Project Space, Karlsplatz

“Shared Digital Futures” is a two day conference that explores the impact of digital network technologies for cultural production.

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Imagination as an epistemological weapon. Read his piece at Future Non-Stop

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Politics of Free Culture started from a clear consensus on the panel, that the current intellectual property regime had been outdated for quite some time and was now a severe blockage to cultural production and access, and that substantial changes had become inevitable.

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