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“A planet is the cradle of mind, but one cannot live in a cradle forever.” K.E.Tsiolkovsky

The Out of the Craddle Symposium at KSEVT Slovenia rethinks the human position within the technological, social and natural processes, the position which enables understanding of the deep and close surroundings – Space and Earth.

Konrad Becker on: “Strategic Space Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence”

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Fr. 22. November 2013 –  19:30,  IG Architektur, Gumpendorferstraße 63b, 1060 Vienna

The Drift Towards Universal Surveillance:

Steve Wright (UK) on the new age of truly global surveillance and tracking with state capability sets that even the Stasi and George Orwell did not imagine. What are the long term, social and political ramifications of such capabilities and how can we successfully resist when they go beyond the limits of the law?

We Should Take Nothing for Granted: 

On the building of alert and knowledgeable citizenry. Dr. Bruno Taut (RU) will explore the depths, perils, challenges and the bliss of the decrypted century.

Screening: Marko Peljhan (SI/US) presents documents from the SPEKTR! Vaults

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Presentations with Felix Stalder on “The War of Data against Communication” and Konrad Becker on “Cultural Intelligence: Tactics-Strategy-Operations” at the Embros Theater Athens. The poster shows the historical cover of…

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Digital Culture Info Politics

Uschi Reiter: With the Snowden affair the Internet as space for surveillance has reached a wider public. This incident and the excitement it caused hasn’t  brought about any major withdrawal…

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NPK Netzpolitischer Konvent der Österreichischen Zivilgesellschaft / Netpolitical Convent of Austrian Civil Society – online (in German)

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Short documentary of Shared Digital Futures “Shared Digital Futures” was a conference to explore the impact of digital network technologies for cultural production in Vienna, June 2013.

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Facebook game about collecting and selling personal data enables you to “Rise from small-time back room dealer to a mighty data mogul”. Finally: Big Data fun and profit for the…

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Date: June 14/15, 2013

Location: Vienna, Kunsthalle Wien / Project Space, Karlsplatz

“Shared Digital Futures” is a two day conference that explores the impact of digital network technologies for cultural production.

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